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How to Find a Cheap Harley

How to Find a Cheap Harley

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Test ride different Harleys to find the one that's right for you.

When shopping for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, instead of thinking of cheap, as in below a certain dollar amount, think of cheap, as in getting the most for what you spend. One thing to remember when shopping for a used Harley is the cost of the accessories and modifications that may already be installed, meaning you'll get more for your money.



Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Newspaper
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      Search the Internet for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. There are many websites dedicated to Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. HDforums.com provides you with a substantial amount of information and opinions from Harley owners and allows you to participate in discussions. You can find reviews and comparisons of Harley-Davidson motorcycles at Motorcycle.com. The Harley-Davidson website lets you search for used Harleys.

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      Consult the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) guides website for a guideline as to how much the motorcycle you want will cost. NADA sets the value on vehicles based partially on information gained from sales transactions of vehicles. Values can change from month to month, depending on how often information becomes available. From the NADA website, click on "Motorcycle" and then "Motorcycle Values." Select the manufacturer, year and model and any options included on the motorcycle. Click "Get Used Value." This will give you the low, average and suggested retail listing prices you need to be able to negotiate a fair price.

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      Visit your local Harley-Davidson dealership. You can find your local dealership by going to the Harley-Davidson website and clicking on "Dealer Locator." At the dealership, you'll find several used Harleys for sale. Look for extras that come with the purchase, such as a custom exhaust, saddlebags or special editions of the motorcycle. Of course, if you have mechanical skills, you may be able to purchase a motorcycle with minor mechanical problems at a lower price than those you would find on the showroom floor.

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      Look in your local newspaper's classified section for used Harley-Davidson motorcycles for sale. Ask the seller outright if he's looking for a fast sale. If so, he'll be more likely to negotiate on the price. Don't make a deal if he doesn't have the title in hand.

Tips & Warnings

  • Shop for a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the offseason and you're more likely to spend less than when buying one during the riding season. Don't disregard a bike completely because it's slightly uncomfortable. Motorcycles can be adjusted to fit each rider.

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