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How to Start a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dealership

How to Start a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dealership

If you have a passion for motorcycles and are considering starting your own business, consider opening a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership. A Harley-Davidson dealership can become quite profitable if managed properly. There are millions of Harley motorcycle fans and collectors eager to buy their next bikes from a dealer. According to Knol.com, in 2008, Harley--Davidson motorcycle sales in the United States totaled more than 218,000 units and grossed an estimated $4.28 billion worldwide.

Moderately Challenging


    • 1

      Gain experience working in a dealership. If possible, gain experience working in a motorcycle shop. This gives you the experience and customer service skills to serve Harley-Davidson customers.

    • 2

      Find a location to start a Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership. Look for a commercial lot that is zoned for a dealership. Hire a real estate agent to assist you if needed. Contact your local county courthouse about zoning laws.

    • 3

      Visit the website for Harley-Davidson.

    • 4

      Click "Company" on the top right hand side of your screen on the website's homepage. Select the tab "Become a Dealer" on the left. This takes you to a page that describes what you need to do to become a Harley dealer.

    • 5

      Select "Opportunities" tab from the left side of the screen. This takes you to a map of the United States with a drop-down menu of different regions.

    • 6

      Choose your location on the map where you want to start your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealership. You can choose the plains, the west, the east and the central states. Once you make your selection, a page loads to tell you if there are new or sell-out opportunities in that area.

    • 7

      Fill out the prospective dealer application after downloading it from the Harley-Davidson website. The application asks about location specific information, partnership and ownership percentage, personal finance and assets, and so on. Mail your application with an up-to-date resume to Harley-Davidson at the address provided on the application. Typically, you'll be notified in 45 days if you have been accepted to become a Harley dealer.

    • 8

      Hire employees, if accepted as a dealer. Hire an experienced sales team that has knowledge of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Apply for an employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS.

Tips & Warnings

  • Research competing Harley-Davidson dealerships before choosing a location for your business.

  • Business laws vary in each city and state. Consult with a lawyer when starting a new business.

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