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How to Marry a Harley Man

How to Marry a Harley Man

So, you love the roar of the Harley engine, the feel of the open road and the sexy smell of leather. You want to find yourself a dreamy Harley Davidson man to marry. There are a number of ways to meet your perfect leather clad lover, but if Harley is the only brand for you, there are a few tips that can help you find him in a flash.




Buy a Harley yourself, if you don't already have one. Once your hitched it's nice to ride on the back with your Harley man, but in the meantime you have to show him what you're made of. He'll be impressed that you know your way around a bike.

Put Harley decals on your car, your bicycle, your house and everything else you own. Wear Harley Davidson clothing, including t-shirts, jackets, and boots. To marry a Harley man, you must prove you're a fellow enthusiast, so make it show.

Join your local ABATE club and begin attending meetings and local motorcycle runs. To marry a Harley man, you must meet a Harley man, so enter into the right circles and start your search. There is no faster way to meet motorcycle enthusiasts than to join ABATE and participate.

Show your wild side, as Harley riders tend to party a bit. If you are quiet, shy and don't like to drink, you'll probably have a hard time clicking with the Harley man of your dreams. But if you let your hair down, show your fearless side and turn up the heat a bit, you'll be married before you know it.

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