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How to Install Harley Stock Exhaust

How to Install Harley Stock Exhaust

You can get different types of exhaust depending on what you want to accomplish. Some different types of exhaust are Short Drag Pipes, Large Diameter Open Pipes, Long Straight Pipes, True Duals, and Slip-Fit Mufflers to name a few! Some create a louder sound, while others make for a quieter more relaxing ride. It is all about personal preference. Read on the learn how to install stock exhaust on your Harley.



  1. How to install Harley Davidson Exhaust

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      Locate the Manifold on the front of the engine.

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      Locate the Manifold and determine what size wrench you will need. Also, make sure that you have the proper springs that are needed when fitting the pieces together, as well as the rings that connect from the exhaust to the engine. These rings create a seal and are very important to the pressure of the airflow.

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      Bolt the exhaust into position. You will see areas where it is to be bolted down. Make sure that you give the bolts enough torque, as the bike's power could easily loosen the bolts. Don't bang your wrenches against the exhaust because the exhaust scratches easily.

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      Connect the long "Exhaust Tips" to the "Headers", these are connected to the"Manifold". It can be a little tricky weaving the exhaust around the frame and other parts of the bike. Be gentle and use some finess, the exhaust will scratch and dent if you are not careful.

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      Tighten the bolts again. Apply the springs in the necessary places and give it a firm shake, making sure the system is on properly. Start the bike and listen for any hissing noises, as this would be an exhaust leak. Check all areas that connect to make sure the seal is tight. When you replace your exhaust you will need to fine tune and rejet your carburetor. If your bike is an EFI model you need to bring it to the dealership to have it remapped to compensate for the free-breathing exhaust.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't rush the process. You will be glad that you took the time to double and triple check your work. Use a clean rag to wipe off any grease or fingerprints.

  • Do NOT stand behind the motorcycle when you first start it. Usually debris will shoot out and any excess carbon will burn out causing stuff to shoot out.

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