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How to Mount Harley Fairings

How to Mount Harley Fairings

Adding a quick-detachable fairing to a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail, Road King and other Harley motorcycle models allows for a quick transformation from cruiser to dresser. Fairings are available with or without stereo systems and ideal for long trips, offering more protection than a windshield alone.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench
  • Socket wrench set
  • Loctite
    • 1

      Remove the four rubber bushings from the stock windshield -- hold the headlight assembly securely. Set the windshield aside. Screw the eight stainless steel bushings onto the studs. Secure the headlight assembly back in place. Reinstall the screws with Loctite. Tighten the screws with the socket wrench until tight. Loosen the screws back about two turns to leave a space for the inner fairing.

    • 2

      Place the fairing into the space between the bottom spacer halves. Position it until the top slots fit into the top spacers. Slide the fairing into place to fit in the slots of the bracket. Tighten the four nuts to hold it in place.

    • 3

      For a fairing with a stereo, pull the power cord under the gas tank to the battery. The cord should be slack, but not too loose. Connect the blue wire to the positive terminal on the battery. Connect the brown wire to the orange and white-striped wire. Connect the green and yellow wire to the negative battery terminal.

    • 4

      Position the windshield and thread a washer and windshield screw from the outside of the windshield. Dab a spot of Loctite into the chrome acorn nuts. Place a washer on the inside studs of the fairing. Screw on the acorn nuts until they are finger tight. Torque the nuts to the fairing manufacturer's specifications.

    • 5

      When the outer fairing comes back from the painter, join it to the inner fairing. Apply Loctite to each of the screws that bolt the two pieces together. Tighten the screws to the fairing manufacturer's specifications.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read the fairing manufacturer's instructions and follow each step carefully.

  • Most after-market fairings detach quickly and easily by loosening the nuts one and half turns.

  • It is important to practice riding the motorcycle with the fairing installed in an off-road area due to the many handling differences between cruisers and fairing-equipped bikes.

  • Make sure all the connections are tight before riding the motorcycle.

  • Consult professional help from your local Harley-Davidson dealership whenever in doubt.

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