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How to Rent a BMW or Harley Davidson Motorcycle

How to Rent a BMW or Harley Davidson Motorcycle

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Rent a Motorcycle

Learn How to Rent a Harley Davidson or BMW Motorcycle.

The motorcycle has become a symbol of the open road and Harley Davidson and BMW motorcycles represent adventure. Renting a BMW or Harley Davidson Motorcycle is a fun and easy way to experience the excitement of exploring the open road without the expensive costs of owning and repairs. Harley Davidson and BMW Motorcycles are ideal for scenic rides such as the Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, Utah's Canyon lands, Zion's National Park, the Grand Canyon and The Las Vegas Strip.



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      Rent a Motorcycle

      You can rent a Harley Davidson or BMW Motorcycle for a day, a week or even longer. Many BMW and Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dealerships offer rentals. Eagle Rider Rental and Tours offers a huge selection of well maintained BMW and Harley Davidson Motorcycles (www.Eaglerider.com). There are also smaller private rental agencies, which offer similar services. These can easily be located through an online internet search. Typical rates range from $165 - $180 per day. Weekly and monthly rentals are also available.

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      Each rental usually includes unlimited miles. Use of the vehicle is for a 24 hour period and most rentals include 24 hour roadside service. Fuel costs are not included. Generally, you can Pre Pay your first tank of gas or return the vehicle full.

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      Rent a Motorcycle

      You will need a valid motorcycle driver's license and a major credit card is usually required. Mandatory insurance is typically included in your rental. Most rental companies offer several options to upgrade your liability coverage or damage waiver. Motorcycle rentals are considered an exotic rental. Most credit cards and insurance do not cover motorcycles the same way they do automobile rentals

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      A helmet is usually provided with the rental, but clients are encouraged to bring their own. If you have a passenger they will need to bring their own helmet or rent one. Protective gear such as jackets, gloves, boots, and pants, may also be brought from home or rented from the agency. Rain gear is usually available for purchase.

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      Rent a Motorcycle

      Many Harley Davidson and BMW Motorcycles come equipped with GPS plug in. Many rental locations have Garmin GPS units available for rent at a cost of around $15 per day. Garmin GPS units provide up to date street maps and can be pre loaded with pre-planned vacations.

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