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How to Remove the Fairing From a Harley Davidson

How to Remove the Fairing From a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson motorcycles are famous for being one of America's oldest motorcycle manufacturers, as well as one if the most highly modified. Taking apart your Harley to modify it in one way or another is fairly commonplace; when it comes to the front fairings, taking them off for paint or modification is fairly easy to do. The main issue is to protect your surrounding equipment, that way you can keep everything in good shape.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Microfiber towels
  • Torx-head screwdriver set
    • 1

      Place the microfiber towels over the spot lights and front fender so that you can keep them from getting damaged. Loosen the three bolts that hold the windshield to the front fairing using a torx-head screwdriver.

    • 2

      Sit in the seat and turn the handlebars to the right. Disconnect the screws on the left side of the fairing using a torx-head screwdriver. Turn the handlebars to the left side and repeat the process.

    • 3

      Stand in front of the fairing and unbolt the windshield bolts using the torx-head screwdriver, but hold the fairing steady with your free hand. Once the screw is out, pull out the fairing carefully, exposing the back of the headlight.

    • 4

      Unclip the wiring harness to the headlight. Pull out the fairing.

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