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How to Rejet a Carburetor on a Harley Davidson

How to Rejet a Carburetor on a Harley Davidson

Spring is right around the corner. If you want your bike to be running in tip top shape read on to learn how to rejet a carburetor on a Harley Davidson.



Things You'll Need

  • Flat head 1/8" screwdriver
  • Stage 1 jet kit or an assortment of jets
    • 1

      Remove the bowl on the base of your carburetor. To do this, remove each of the four regular screws. An 1/8" flathead/regular screwdriver works best for this process. Make sure to clean any excess particles out of the bowl while you have it off the bike.

    • 2

      Unscrew the pilot jet from within the orifice using the 1/8". Note: the size of the jet is stamped into the bottom of the jet to help you identify.

    • 3

      Use the flat headed screwdriver to unscrew the "Emulsion Tube" which is also known as the brass needle jet holder.

    • 4

      Assuming your Harley Davidson is running a CV carburetor and has a stock pilot jet in it remove that jet and replace it with one size larger. Harley Davidson pilot jets typically range from 40-50 in size going up by increments of 2 generally with the exception of the size 45 jet.

    • 5

      Replace the main jet with one size larger only after properly tuning the slow/idle setting jet. It should also be noted that main jets are sized incrementally by so keep that in mind when rejeting to the next jet size up. In general the high the jet the richer the fuel mixture is. Too rich of a fuel mixture will lead to spark plugs fouling.

    • 6

      Reinstall the carburetor bowl back onto the bike making sure not to damage the rubber boot. There, you have successfully learned how to rejet a Harley Davidson carburetor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Increase jet size one increment at a time

  • Be careful not to strip the head of the jet.

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